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Osage River Produces Mega Smallmouth

Just got back from an amazing trip to the Osage River for some big smallmouth. The fishing was on fire again and while we didn't catch 300 bass this time we caught about 100 smallmouth. Our best 5 smallmouth on the day went about 18lbs as we had numerous high 3's and a couple of 4lbers! Winter fishing can't be beat and I've been trying to get out to enjoy the fishing this time of year. Nothing can compare to catching big smallmouth and being out in God's creation enjoying the scenery. The best fish came on a Tackle HD stealth jig with a green pumpkin crawdad trailer fished slow in the rocks. The big smallies were a little deeper and you had to let our jig get down to the bottom. I've got a trip to Table Rock coming up so stay tuned!

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