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2nd Place Finish FLW BFL on Lake of the Ozarks

Just got back after a great weekend of competing in the FLW BFL on Lake of the Ozarks. The fishing was pretty good and I experienced an all day bite. I ended up catching a limit of fish for 15lbs and change throughout the day which was good enough for 2nd place. I ended up losing the tournament by 1 ounce which was pretty tough. I really hoped that my fish would hold out for my first win in BFL level competition but I guess I'll have to wait for that milestone.

I ended up catching my fish on 6 different baits and was actually able to cull one time. I ended up catching 3 keepers on plastics and then 3 more keepers on a couple of secret baits. The trick was to keep a bait wet and fish hard. The bites were steady through the day but it took till noon for me to get a limit. My second place finish was good enough for a 918 dollar pay day. Which hopefully will go to my next boat.

It was a different experience taking off in the tournament up river by Truman Dam. I had never fished up in that part of Lake of the Ozarks till that day and I must say its a pretty good looking stretch that I'll have to take the time to learn once I get my new boat.

I'll be taking a break from the competition for a couple of weeks here and then will pick back up with the FLW BFL at Kentucky Lake on July 14th so stay tuned for more blog entries and updates.

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