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3rd Place Finish out of 88 in the FLW BFL on Rend Lake

Had a great time competing in the Illini Division FLW BFL on Rend Lake. I was able to pull off a 3rd place finish with a 585 dollar pay day which was much needed after stinking it up the last two tournaments on Kentucky Lake. I was able to catch about a dozen fish including a 5lb kicker on Rend which bumped me all the way up. The bite was pretty simple and I caught all my fish pretty close to the bank. It was a shame that I couldn't have caught more than my 3 keepers as just another keeper would have jumped me into 2nd place. Rend Lake always has a tough bite and I just kept my head down and kept on fishing. Surprisingly the bite was on all throughout the day. Anytime you can make some money fishing and pay for the weekend it's a good trip. Stay tuned as I'll be fishing Lake of the Ozarks next weekend in the FLW BFL. I'm hoping for a strong finish there as I consider that lake to be my home lake.

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