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2019 Sponsorship Update

Over the past couple of months I've been able to gain some incredible sponsors for the 2019 tournament fishing season. I wanted to say a few things about how thankful I am to have such great sponsors on board this upcoming year.

J-Town Tackle makes some really great jigs in both the flipping and football styles which will have all my bases covered when it comes to jig fishing. I also look forward to using their shakeyheads this year. Everything is perfect about these jigs and one can really appreciate the attention to detail. They offer great jigs at an affordable price and are also American made!

I have added Protungsten as a sponsor for all my fishing weights this year. Protungsten offers incredible tungsten fishing weights in every size,style,and color that I need to fish all my plastics. They got me covered whether I'm going to be flipping with heavy tackle or finesse fishing. I'm looking forward to the added sensitivity and performance of Tungsten all year long!

I am also proud to announce that I will be fishing with Razr Rods this upcoming year. They have the right rod for the job. I'm looking forward to the increased sensitivity and strength that will both improve my fishing as well as my experience. These rods are American made!

I will also be representing Geared Up Transmissions. Geared Up Transmissions has been servicing, repairing, rebuilding, and replacing transmissions in the St.Louis area for the last 30 years. Geared Up is family owned and a full service facility that is “Geared Up” for all your automotive needs. They are a great group of guys that won't screw you over. They can talk fishing while they fix your vehicle.

Stay tuned as I have a couple more sponsors that I will be announcing soon!

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