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Osage River Trip Produces

I made it down to fish the Osage River to do some fishing and once again the fishing was incredible. The day started out with catching so many bass the first couple of hours that I got tired of taking them off the hook. I think we caught around 300 plus bass today with just a couple of largemouths and smallmouth. The majority of the fish we caught were spotted bass.

We were catching them so good that we ended up trying a lot of different baits. Once again the Tackle HD Stealth Jig did it's job in catching some of the biggest bass we caught. It's days like today that really let you test your equipment and so far my Kastking Rods and reels have been excellent. I'm using the Bassinator Elite Baitcasting reels spooled with 14lb fluorocarbon line with the Kastking Speed Demon Pro Rods in the 7'3'' Jig/Worm fishing rod and my side is sore from setting the hook so many times today.

During the winter the fishing can be hard to beat. I've got another trip planned during the Christmas Break and I'm sure the fishing is going to be hot!

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