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USA Bassin Open 3rd Place Finish on Lake of the Ozarks

Just got back from getting a 3rd place finish on Lake of the Ozarks in the USA Bassin Open. We ended up having a little over 11lbs and change on a really tough weekend of fishing. My buddy Mark Tucker won the tournament.

The day started off pretty slow for us this time. We had just two in the box by 9am and it wasn't until 11 that we got our limit. The weather was really inconsistent and it made the fishing a lot tougher because the conditions would change every hour of the tournament. In the afternoon things were starting to get right and I was able to cull a couple of times.

We ended up coming in a little early just to be safe because my motor on Old Blue has been acting up lately and I haven't had time to get it fixed. We won a couple hundred dollars which helped but it was a shame we could have culled one more time to get into 2nd place.

I'm going to be taking a little time off from fishing to get things together for next season. I'll be actively looking for more sponsors, doing some upgrades to my boat, and trying to get myself in a position to fish the next level. Until next time good fishing and I hope to have some more posts soon!

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