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BFL Lake of the Ozarks

Just got back from the BFL on Lake of the Ozarks. I drew out a local guy who was flipping boat docks with a jig. We concentrated on shallow boat docks in the backs of creeks on channel banks and also in the pockets. We spent 95 percent of the day behind the cables fishing in dirty water. Most of the docks we fished were around bigger rock and my boater had to take the boat in between the docks and back straight out all day. It was one of those days were you are more of a spectator to the action than in the action because when the fish get behind those dock cables it's really tough to fish out of the back of the boat unless you are going to fight your boater all day for the same fish. The water was dirty and I worked to try and catch a fish away from the bank but all day it seemed like I couldn't get my bait to a spot where I had much of a chance at catching a fish. I felt like I did get to learn a thing or two about the kind of banks that my boater looks for and concentrates on most of the time. He had an okay day but ended up not having enough for a check either. I feel like we were on the tail end of the bite that we were fishing and it seemed like after talking to most of my friends in the tournament that the shad spawn bite was the ticket. I heard that some anglers were out fishing points in 10 to 30 feet of water and concentrating on the shad spawn. That seemed to be the most productive and predominant pattern. I managed to box up two fish for a little over 6lbs. I caught my two keepers early in the morning when we fished some areas where it was a little more open and I had room to get my bait to the bank. The spot that I caught my biggest fish was just a rocky little point that had some shad spawning around it. We caught a couple of fish there and as we fished the backs of coves the bite seemed to fade. I know I would probably have decided to fish the rocky points and chase the shad spawn at that point but when you fish with someone with a lot of history on the lake it's hard to convince them to change. As the day went on the fishing got harder for me because we kept focusing on the cable bite behind the docks. If you've ever fished a tournament with a boater who is fishing behind the docks all day it can be frustrating. If the tournament was held a couple of weeks later I think a guy could have caught some fish off the ends of the docks but it seemed like the majority of the fish with the water color and conditions were right up on the bank. The tournament took around 17lbs almost to win on the non boater side. Just another one of those tournaments that it just didn't work out. The fish that I caught were on a green pumpkin senko rigged on a 1/4 oz J-Town Tackle Shakeyhead. It's a hard bait to beat this time of the year. I threw the bait on 15lb Vicious Fluorocarbon Line. I'm pretty sure this is my last tournament of the season. I just about got my boat ready to go and I'm sure I'll have a few kinks to straighten out with it. I plan to get out and shoot some on the water footage for my sponsors and focus on getting ready for next season.

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