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Getting Fit

One thing that a lot of people struggle with is getting into shape. Over my life of being in and out of the gym the key to getting in shape really comes down to having a good routine and also having the right mindset. It's easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to putting off working out and eating right. Believe me I know that the last couple of years I got complacent with my training routine as well as my diet. You only get one life to live but at the same time fitness should be something on everyone's mind and it takes getting into the right mindset and setting goals that you can accomplish. I was out of the gym the last year and my on the water endurance really showed. It takes a lot of energy to fish all day after driving all night and you really need to be in good shape to do your best. Sure there are a lot of guys that are good at fishing that are not in the best of shape but at the same time you wonder how much better they could be if they had more energy. The last two weeks I've started taking steps to getting back in top physical shape. I started by getting up early at 4 am each day and making sure to get my butt on the treadmill. At first I would just walk for 30 minutes and do some lifting. Just making it a goal to stay on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. After a couple of weeks my bodies already started to adjust to the cardio and I'm now doing cardio in 45 minute intervals with an hour of lifting. I had to figure out a diet also that was going to work and that I could stick too for a couple of months. I'm really busy these days so I decided to get some supplements like when I was bodybuilding. My menu these days has been a protein shake before and after training followed up by a high protein breakfast. One protein shake mid morning. A high protein lunch with either a protein bar or a shake in the afternoon. I'm trying to eat dinner at the reasonable time and sticking to high protein and low carb. It's been an adjustment but I'm looking to get back in good shape in a couple of months. The good thing is only have to cook two meals a day so that makes it easy. Eventually I'll probably get into the habit of cooking all my meals and cut back on the shakes but for now it works with my busy schedule.

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