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The ESPN Radio Experience

Last week was a first for me. It was a really cool experience to get to talk about fishing as a Coangler on ESPN's 107.3 Outdoor Radios Wild at Heart. It was fun getting to come down to the studio and talk with host Tommy Bench about my fishing experiences. I hope that I was able to share some tips on fishing as a Coangler and people got to listen in on how much fun it is to get to fish tournaments. From the Costa Series to the BFLs half the guys competing in these tournaments are Coanglers. That's a lot of people fishing out the back of the boat and wanting to know how to do it better. Down at the studio I got to autograph the wall and everyone who's been on the show gets to do that so that was fun. Wild at Heart shares the fishing and hunting experiences all around the Midwest.

I recommend checking out the weekly show because they will be featuring a lot of people with great hunting and fishing stories as well as hunting and fishing professionals from around the country.

If you missed the live broadcast you can listen to my interview at this link. Cue the video to the 1:00:00 mark.

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