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59th Place out of 160 Kentucky Lake FLW BFL Regional.

What a crappy weekend of fishing on Kentucky Lake. Most of the time when I have a tough tournament I will reflect for a couple of days on what I could of done differently. That's usually if everyone caught them except me. Those days are far and few between but it was a different story this weekend at Kentucky Lake. I don't think how I fished had anything to do with my performance. I out fished over a 100 anglers and I managed to only catch one 2.15lb fish in two days of fishing. There just isn't that many fish in Kentucky Lake and the bite was terrible. When you get a field of anglers on the water for two days like we had in the Regional and that's all those anglers can come in with you know the lake just doesn't have it anymore. Sure you could go out there any day of the week and catch a big sack of fish but as far as having tournaments there I doubt until I see things change I will ever go back unless it's for a big money championship. There will always be a couple of guys that find a couple extra fish here and there in any tournament but when it takes only 10lbs a day over three days to qualify for the All-American on Kentucky Lake you know it's tough fishing. I've got to brush this tournament off really quick because I'll be headed to Lake Chickamauga for my last shot at qualifying for the All-American. It was a great season so far but hopefully things go my way down there. I sure am due for a good finish considering the last month has been pretty rough on me. It's been a combination of bad draws and tough fishing conditions. Usually if you get some bad draws you can still make a check if you fish really hard and get a couple bites because fish live everywhere but just hasn't been my luck lately. I expect there to be a variety of ways to catch some fish on Chickamauga. The lake has a ton of grass in it so I imagine there will be some patterns around that and possibly some offshore patterns as well. Chickamauga is known for having some really big Florida strain largemouth bass in it. The lake often produces 9 to 10lbers and it would really be cool to catch one like that. This will be an unique experience for me because i'm used to fishing for northern strain. Hopefully I get some good draws because from the looks of things I'll be able to probably powerfish which will fall into my strengths.

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