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10th Place Finish out of 147 La Crosse Wisconsin FLW BFL

Just got back from fishing the FLW BFL in La Crosse Wisconsin. The trip was about a 7 hour drive from St. Louis. It was an easy drive after having to navigate all the traffic in California while I was on vacation last week. Driving through the Iowa countryside was a fun experience. There's a certain calm that comes over me when I'm out in the country and away from all the craziness of living in the city suburbs. Things move a lot slower and it reminds me of living out my college days when I went to Truman State in Kirksville, MO.

I had never fished La Crosse before but I had been wanting to make the trip up there just to see what the fishing was like. I'd watched all the videos on fishing in La Crosse on youtube and it just seemed like a fun place to fish. I must say that the fishing was pretty good. We ended up catching a lot of fish all throughout the day. We caught them on everything from flipping to topwaters and I was able to make a couple of key culls at the end of the day.

Since the tournament had a 3 fish limit it made it really tight at the top of the standings. I was able to catch a 3 bass limit that went 8lbs and it took just 9.5 lbs to win. All I needed was a 3.5 to 4 lber to win but we just didn't stumble upon it. I weighed in two largemouth and one nice smallmouth. The fish on the river fight a lot harder than those you'll catch in the lake. Swimming in the current all day makes those river fish a lot meaner.I ended up in 10th place which was good for a nice check to pay for the trip. That's really all a guy can ask for is to have fun and cover your expenses in fishing.

I've got a busy next couple months of fishing coming up. Next week I will be headed to Indiana to fish the FLW BFL on the Ohio river. It's going to be a tough tournament. Probably a lot harder than the fishing this past weekend. I'll have to use all my tricks and need a little luck. I'm also signed up to fish the FLW BFL on Lake Monroe the 25th of August. Lake Monroe I'm curious to check out. When I was in college Mike McCarthy and I took 2nd in the FLW College Fishing Central Regional where we won 25,000. In September I'm going to be fishing 4 FLW BFL Super Touranments. I'm fishing the one at Kentucky Lake, Lake of the Ozarsk, Lake Hamilton, and Old Hickory. September can be a tough time to fish but I'll be fishing some great lakes so we will just have to see how it goes. I'm still looking for my first FLW win. Hopefully one of these days it will happen.

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