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8th Place Finish out of 92 at Truman Lake

Just got back from competing in the FLW BFL on Truman Lake. I haven't fished on Truman Lake in ages. The last time that I had fished Truman Lake was when I was in college and since then the lake has gone through some changes. Some parts of the lake are just silted in and a lot of the standing timber is just pole timber. I had a funny feeling about the tournament that it was going to be a really tough event. The dock talk was that it wouldn't take much to win and that a couple of bites would be good enough to get a check. I was just hoping to catch a couple and get some points so I would be in good shape for the next Ozark Division BFL which will be on Lake of the Ozarks which is my home lake. I drew out a guy that was pretty good and I knew it would be a tough day fishing behind my boater. A lot of times its great to draw someone that can catch them but as a co angler sometimes it's better to draw a guy that is around the fish but might not be the best fisherman.

We started out point hoping and fishing some structure throughout the morning but that didn't seem to produce much. My boater caught one small keeper off a point and I caught a couple of shorts. The area of the lake that we went to in the morning just seemed really dead. There wasn't much going on and there were a couple of other boats around us and we didn't see one bent rod. We decided to roll the dice a little and make a little run up lake. We started fishing some pockets and the move payed off and my boater was able to get a limit for about 11 lbs and change and I was able to get a pair of 3 pound fish. The bite was really slow and we had to really fish hard to get the bites. Covering a lot of water was the key. We didn't spend to much time in one area.

My boater ended up getting 7th place and I ended up getting 8th place which moved me up into 13th overall for points in the Angler of the Year standings. Hopefully I can close the distance when we visit Lake of the Ozarks for the BFL Super Tournament which is in September.

Next week I'll be flying out to Santa Barbra with the wife for a week. I don't know if I'll get any fishing in while I'm on vacation. When I get back from Santa Barbra I'll be headed up to Wisconsin to fish the FLW BFL out of LaCrosse. I'm looking forward to the fishing because I heard it's suppose to be good but not looking forward to the drive. I think it's about a 7 hour drive or more from St. Louis. I'm thinking probably I'll end up needing some topwater baits and some stuff to flip with when I get up there. Who knows. That's one of the big things with being a co angler. You really don't know what to except till you get out on the water. It's best to keep an open mind and just fish like your boater is not even there. Please stay tuned for more updates as we are only about halfway through the season and I got a lot more tournaments planned for the rest of the year.

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