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Kentucky Lake LBL FLW BFL 22nd Place

Well Kentucky Lake had about the same bite that was going on during my visit during the COSTA Series. I drew a guy that hadn't been out to practice much for the tournament. He had done well in a Triton Owners tournament the weekend before. He said that they fished down by Paris the weekend prior. We took off headed to Paris but ended up stopping to fish around Johnathan Creek because my boater was unable to get his boat above 55 miles an hour. He was running a brand new Triton Bass boat with a 250 on it so he thought that something was not ok with his motor. We ended up fishing a couple of spots without any luck. He decided he wanted to go to the back of Johnathan Creek to flip docks and fish shallow. I didn't have much confidence in that approach because I felt like most of the fish were making their way out to the main lake since there had been temperatures around 100 degrees all week. We fished up in Johnathan Creek till about 11 am without any luck and then we finally got back on the ledges. I ended up getting one bite during the whole tournament. It ended up being a nice one a 5.9 pounder on a big worm. We fished till our 2pm weigh in and I was lucky that the lone fish was able to get me 22nd place to keep me in the top 20 for points in the division. The sad thing was that 22nd place was also the first spot out of the money. That really sucked but I've always said that fishing is about managing the highs and the lows. While this tournament can go down as a low there were 70 plus other anglers that wish they would have caught the fish that I did. I've got a BFL on Rend Lake next weekend that I am looking forward to fishing. It's going to have to be better fishing then what I've experienced on Kentucky Lake.

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