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Osage Beach Bait and Tackle Open on Lake of the Ozarks 1st place and Big Bass

Just got back from winning the Osage Beach Bait and Tackle open tournament on Lake of the Ozarks while fishing by myself. The fishing was really tough on the lake. I got off to a really slow start and it wasn't till around 9:00 am that I had any fish. At around 11 am I actually had 3 keepers but they didn't weigh much. I ended up catching the big bass that went 5.79 around 1:30 in the afternoon. It was big enough to win Big Bass for the whole tournament. When I got back to the weigh in I was a little surprised that nobody caught a limit. There were a couple of teams that had 4 fish out of the 18 boats in the tournament. Really that's a pretty odd thing to see this time of the year because usually people are hammering the fish. Just goes to show that you can never give up in fishing because your next cast might be that big bass that you need to win the whole tournament. I had entered the tournament because I figured I'll just go fishing and if I catch them I catch them if not it's no big deal. Mainly I was wanting to get out and fish all day to keep up with my feel and my skills. Fishing's a lot like other sports if you sit around on the couch for awhile you'll start to get rusty. You'll lose some of that on the water decision making, focus and determination, and ability to fish hard all day if you go awhile without getting some casts in much like a golfer gets in their swings.. Also there's being in shape and then their is being in fishing shape. The only way to get into shape to fish hard all day is to fish hard all day. You have to keep that mental edge because focusing for 8 hours a day is something that you build up by fishing all the time. That's a major part of being successful in fishing is having the mental endurance and stamina to keep hammering away until you get the fish to bite. I might end up fishing a tournament this upcoming weekend or I might just work on tackle. I'll be sure to keep everyone in the loop as to what I got going on and my new sponsors once things become more official.

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