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19th Place Finish Lake Hamilton BFL Super Tournament

Just got back from Lake Hamilton in Arkansas. I would say this tournament was one of those you wish you could go back do all over. We started out fishing in the back of some creeks and my boater was throwing a spinnerbait and a topwater bait all morning. I was throwing different kinds of plastics but didn't have much luck for the first couple of hours. We both didn't catch any fish. We made our way back into a creek and I was able to catch the first keeper of the day on a jig. The fish was a line burner and it barely measured but it was great to get number one in the boat. I knew that it was going to be a tough tournament and that if I could just catch a limit I would make it to day two. I kept on fishing hard behind my boater but it didn't seem like we were around the fish that wanted to bite. We pulled into a cove at about noon and I was able to get a flurry goin

g. I caught 3 keepers back to back to back off a boat dock and had high hopes that I would be able to finish my limit. I figured as long as I fished hard I would be able to finish it out. It turned out that those 4 keepers would be the only fish that I would catch and I ended up in a 4 way tie by weight for 18th place. It just so happened that one of my competitors had 5 fish so he ended up qualifying for the second day. FLW has a rule that in case of a tie by weight the person with the highest number of fish wins the tie breaker. It was just unfortunate to miss the check by an ounce but that's just part of fishing. What can you do other than catch more fish. It was my first time ever on Lake Hamilton and I feel like I learned a lot about how that lake fishes and what I can do differently if I find myself on that lake next time.

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