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Kentucky Lake FLW LBL Division BFL

So this past weekend I fished the LBL Division BFL and let's just say the tournament didn't go as I had anticipated at all. I'm going to cut to the chase quick. My boater and I both blanked. While blanking always makes the drive home a tough one one of the things you'll have to do when it comes to being a tournament fisherman is get used to accepting failure. Since I've been fishing tournaments I'm going to tell you your going to have some really bad events and your going to have some really good events. The key is how you handle those days when nothing is going right and your destined as it may seem to not catch anything. Fishing is a sport where you will experience the highest of highs at times and the lowest of low's. There are a lot of variables that have to go your way to put you in position to have a good day. The key is to always be looking forward to the next tournament and not dwell on a bad tournament or things you can't control.

The whole day we ended up fishing transition banks and channel banks in the back of the bays on Barkley Lake. We ended up catching one short a piece on shakeyhead worms but after 8 hours of cranking the back of the bays I think it's pretty safe to say that the fish on Barkley haven't made their way up on the banks yet. I tried a lot of different things like swimbaits, traps, spinnerbaits, jigs, football jigs, Alabama rig just trying to get a bite. My boater was pretty locked into just fishing the bank all day which after talking to some of my buddies that caught fish was probably the reason why we didn't catch any fish. Kentucky Lake had been dropping throughout the week and most of the fish had pulled out away from the bank and were relating to primary points.

The water temperature for us was about 50 degrees in the areas that we were fishing. We were fishing south of the Barkley State Resort Park. The tournament ended up being pretty tough on all the fisherman except for the winner on the boater side who had a giant 20 pound bag. Some of the things that people caught their fish on were traps and Alabama Rigs. Also I heard that some people caught fish on swimbaits.

This upcoming weekend I will be headed to Lake Millwood in Southwestern Arkansas for the second stop of the FLW BFL Arkie Division. Lake Millwood is coming down right now from being 15 foot high about a couple of weeks ago. The water temperatures will be rising and the lake if it keeps going down should be about a foot high which could make for some great fishing. I'm looking forward to bringing my flipping stick and some heavy line as Lake Millwood is suppose to be nicknamed the Jungle. I'll be sure to report on how my tournament goes! Let's hope that I can keep the momentum going and keep climbing in the points. Currently I'm sitting in 7th overall.

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