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Gulf Shores Excursion

Just got back from vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama with my wife. What a great trip it was. We are going to miss the ocean views, the great fishing, and the great food. The day we got down to Gulf Shores we ended up fishing off the great big pier. We found the fishing to be pretty good for saltwater catfish. My wife and I ended up catching over a dozen saltwater catfish by tightline fishing squid just below the pier. We found the catfish to be relating best to the area where the surf was breaking on the beach and we ended up catching them all afternoon. We also returned later that evening to the pier after cooking up a big pot of Jambalaya. We wanted to see how the night bite was and if any other kind of fish would move into the shallows to feed. We caught the saltwater catfish all night long. It was a lot of fun and it had been awhile since the wife and I had gone fishing. Saturday we ended up taking a day off fishing and checking out the historical Fort Morgan. Fort Morgan doesn't look too complex from a distance but once you start exploring you can get yourself in the mindset and begin to visualize what it was like for those serving at that military base back in the day.

We also got out and had a nice long walk on the beach. After all the exploring we had a great lunch at the Sassy Bass restaurant. The Sassy Bass had really good food and I suggest if you ever get a chance to eat at the Sassy Bass that you get the Jalapeno Hush Puppies because they were awesome!

Sunday we were able to get out and do some deep sea fishing which was a blast. We caught all kinds of a fish while out on the boat. My wife had a lot of fun reeling in vermilion snappers, red snappers, lesser amberjack, and amberjack. I was able to catch a couple vermilion snappers as well as a couple of red snapper. The biggest fish I caught while on the boat was a good size red snapper that really put up a fight. On the boat there were 7 great big amberjacks caught and released as well. Later that night we were able to have a feast which included some fried vermilion snapper as well as fried lesser amberjack.

The whole time we were down at Gulf Shores it was cloudy and rainy. We got in as much as we could given the conditions. It was about 60 to 65 degrees during the trip. Not exactly your favorite conditions for being on the beach or out in the ocean but it made for some good fishing.

Pretty soon I'll be kicking off my season fishing the FLW Southeastern COSTA Series on Lake Okeechobee. Stay tuned as some hardcore bass fishing is about to get underway.

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